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A guide to effective cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning


To prepare carpet, vacuum thoroughly; pre-spot stains and heavy traffic areas, no rubbing is necessary. Place aluminum foil under furniture legs. For Steam machine use, follow equipment manufacturers instructions. Add KUSTOM KLEEN (4 ounces per gallon) to hot water dispensing tank. DO NOT USE DEFOAMER, unless carpet has been previously cleaned with a cleaner other than KUSTOM KLEEN. For best results lightly spray a 10X10 area, then proceed to follow the equipment manufactures instructions.

Carpet Spot Cleaning


Dilute 1 ounce KUSTOM KLEEN with 31 ounces of water. Spray on soiled or stained area. With absorbent cloth ( white if possible), rub dry; repeat if necessary until stain is removed. If the stain is from red Kool-Aid, spray on KUSTOM KLEEN in a ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part cleaner. Lay a white cleaning cloth on the spot and with a warm iron press the spot. It depends on how long the stain has been there and also whether or not another cleaner has previously been used. You can repeat this several times to get maximum results.

Glass and Mirrors


Spray KUSTOM KLEEN in the ratio of 1/2 ounce to 31 ounces of water, directly on the glass or mirror surface and buff with a dry cloth.



To boost cleaning power of regular detergents used in your laundry, add two caps full to each load, along with your regular detergent. For tought stains, dilute and pour directly onto the problem area, rub in and launder as usual.

Plastic, Plexiglas, Fiberglass, Vinyl


KUSTOM KLEEN is an excellent cleaner of all plastic products. Please note, for porous and textured surfaces, use a soft brush for problem areas.

Painted Surfaces


Spray KUSTOM KLEEN at the general purpose strength and wipe with a clean cloth. KUSTOM KLEEN is not recommended for painted surfaces which are not washable.

Furniture, Upholstery and Auto Interior


Dilute KUSTOM KLEEN for general purpose cleaning. Vacuum entire area to be cleaned. Spray mist KUSTOM KLEEN on surface, let stand for 30 seconds and wipe or pat dry with a clean white cloth. Repeat as necessary.

Metal, Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Chrome


KUSTOM KLEEN is an excellent cleaner of most metal products. For porous and textured surfaces, use a brush or scouring pad for problem areas. PLEASE NOTE: Discoloration is possible on some brass items.

To Remove Stains


Dilute KUSTOM KLEEN with cold water, saturate stained area, leave for 60 seconds, and wipe dry. Repeat as necessary. KUSTOM KLEEN will remove these stains: Alcohol beverages, blood, candle wax and crayon, chewing gum, chocolate and cocoa, coffe and tea, deodorants, dye mustard, egg and meat juices, fruit and fruit juices, grass, green vegetables, grease, oil, tar, fats, ink, lipstick, mildew, milk and cream, perspiration, rust and iron, scorch, and soft drinks.